Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sun restricts Romania from downloading

Duamnelor shi domnilor acest mesaj continua in limba lui Shakespeare... nu de alta dar poate il citesc si cei de peste ocean si de data asta vreau sa ma fac inteles "international".

Being a programmer i usually nedd some tools for may day to day demands. I apreciate the software developement tools form SUN because they are in one word...professional, and i am confortable with their usage and features. But around one week ago, when i tried to download a tool from SUN servers i was struck by this message "Your download transaction cannot be approved. Contact Customer Service." I tried several browsers, locations, cleared cache, changed passwords to my account, in other words, i tried everything possible before contacting "Customer Service". Nothing worked.

I finally gave up and sent an e-mail to CS. The reply came back one day later stating that the servers from SUN Download are experiencing some problems and try again later that day. Okay i said to myself...i will try later. Next day i tried to download again. No success. It goes like this for one week and still does not work at the time i am writing this post. I sent several e-mail messages to CS with the hope that the problem will be solved but...nothing happened.

I then put myself a small question. Why when i sent them the first mail they could not tell me the truth? I would accepted every answer even the one stating that my account is cancelled but instead they sent me a lie. You know why?

Because they can. They can do things like this and escape unnoticed. And please do not tell me thet they are doing the best they can to solve the problem. That would be a lie too. SUN is not like a beauty shop with three employees. SUN is a huge company and with thousands of employees, and they cannot afford to leave a set of servers to go down or go astray unnoticed. But they did and they lie about it.And they will escape from this like that bloody american who killed Mr Teo Peter in a car accident and run away home to his "mommy" USA to cover him.

From SUN i will expect a very sober press release stating that a temporary (two weeks soon) failure in their download servers caused download restrictions for few ( Romania and other countries alike included) customers. More or less these will be their words. Now i work for a dozen of important customers in Romania and some of them are using SUN products others are planning to use them. Now how can i go to them and say that SUN products are better when SUN servers in the back yard of SUN are not working corectly? that would be a lie no? How can i continue building apps for Solaris when i cannot download a JDK or some other tool? How can i promote SUN products when SUN itself is denying access to them? Even Mr Gates and his army from Redmond would find a solution to the problem in two days...

A few years ago i was convinced by someone from SUN to migrate all my apps from linux and Win to Solaris. The arguments were support ,availability, etc. After just two years i find out in the most bitter way that Linux is better and i was wrong. It is not "supported" but still i can download updates... At the time i am writing this post, one of my products is compiling via GCC on linux. It will take some time to migrate all back to linux but i will do it. SUN made me do it. Thank You SUN.

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