Wednesday, June 8, 2011

40's or something crysis

  Well, today i wasn't planning to write at this early hour my regular post on the blog because i was planning to do this from the silence and peace of my home in the afternoon, and for another subject. But someone decided to stir a wound which didn't have the chance yet to heal and i felt old.
  I have to think very hard on this issue of oldness, maybe i have to make plans for my funerals already. I probably have to talk with my wife, kids, attorney, partner, customers, colleagues, and tell them that i am close to death and they should be aware of this and advise me on the necessary steps to make in order to leave this world with all my issues closed or settled. Sh**! I'm already thinking of this... It's like a slow moving poison, traveling through my veins, and with each minute it passes i am closer to the fatal finish! How will i look after my death? i will have wings or tail? I will have a red face or blue? I will spill poison or drink amber?!
  Come On! This is bullshit. Of course i will die someday but not now. Now i am still alive and kicking and i will kick this guy hard. Well he doesn't carry all the blame for this issue of oldness but what the hell, he's close, he's here, he soiled my ego and i can throw him a punch or two, in words of course.
  So let me introduce you to the issue because i think i babbled enough about my ego and other sh**. Some online poetry and sf writing campaign is started by this site . After reading the emotional intro on the homepage who basically say's that all the writers are called to this contest and anybody that can write should try participate, because at least they have a chance to be read and appreciated or not, if you go to the contest rules you will find actually that there is a limit to the age of the writer and that is 40 years old. So basically any writer with the age between 0 and 40 can register and submit SF stories or poetry but the ones over this age cannot. No Sh**?! Why? At my 40 or something i am not good anymore to write? Somehow after this age my imagination has gone, my poetical licenses are scarce and my stories sound like the moaning of a buffalo in heat?
  OK, ok, maybe you do not know my poems and most probably they are so bad that when you read them you do not pass over the first two verses. But what the hell, i should at least have the chance to make a fool of myself from the readers and the community not from a stupid rule. Because that what this rule , in my humble opinion, says: If you are over 40 you are not fit for this.
  Just like another "Smart Guy" from an Irish recruiting company who said to me a few days ago with a discrete tone " You know sir... i am sorry to say to you but your age is a little impediment in your application. We want vigorous young programmers  with talent and experience... Of course you are super qualified for the application but the age factor...". Ha! The age factor. How the F*** experience is built? by working and accumulating over the years. Now the "Smart Guy" wants young experienced programmers in the field of payment systems. Honestly this is a contradiction of terms. In the niche industry i work, experienced specialists are scarce and not easy to find. Not that i am saying that i am the best of breed. There are many others more advanced and experienced but, guess what, we have almost the same age. Somehow in the twisted minds of these kind of "Smart guys" has entered a rule that after 40 you are not fitted to create, compose, develop and most probably live.
  We should be banned from tweeting also? Should Facebook redirect us upon registration to a special social network for us the ones over 40 called "heavenorhellbook" depending on the bio ? And when a youngster would try to access this network an ACCESS DENIED message should be displayed stating " Private network. This is a network designed for those closer to death. Your age allows you to go and play so do that. Leave these old rubbish alone to extinction".
  We, according to their view, should use old windows versions because the newer ones are for the young and experienced ones, we should not desire smart-phones and we should use only mobiles with large display and three functional keys "Call home, Call Ambulance and Call St. Peter", this should be enough for us no? We should never approach new emerging Object Oriented languages simply because they are too hard to understand for a fossil, we should not even go hiking in the mountains because the altitude could impact over our health...
  Enough with this. If someone does not like my age, it's ok. But i still believe that i can be and i am creative,i can work hard both at my work or with my writings. If my poems does not appeal to you, close my blog and switch to another one. It's easy. At least you have made an opinion based on what i wrote not my age. So if i made you curious or disgusted by my opinion, you have two options: for the fist case, read my blogs; for the second one, there is a small X icon attached to the frame in which you are reading this words.Come's easy to find. Click on it. Bye.


The said...

Buna seara!

La ce adresa de e-mail va putem face o propunere avantajoasa de colaborare?

Anonymous said...

so funny to be old :))
but I still want to die young ;)

Vanzatorul de vise said...

Acu' nah, comparativ cu aia de 18 ani normal ca esti batran, da' sa stii ca aia de varsta mai sus numita ii considera si pe cei de 25 batrani, deci mi se pare un punct de reper extrem de inexact. Cat despre "boul" care te-a suparat...welcome tho the virtual world, try to ignore them. Vorba ceea, sunt mai multi ca noi si au mintea odihnita :D