Monday, June 6, 2011

Ultimately they serve

  There are many names we are giving to them, "White Heads", "Turkeys",etc, but we always try to reach their help when we are in danger. They are present in our lives day by day, struggling like the rest of us for a decent life, for a foreseeable future, for the kids at home. And now we are, again, making a mockery out of their paychecks. Because our " Smart leaders" are cutting again their salary. It is not enough that they are understaffed, poorly equipped for what they do, unappreciated and badly seen by almost anybody, and now they have to suffer another cut in salary.
  I honestly wonder if anyone of us, whom are the beneficiaries of their work, could sit a whole day in a crowded intersection at rush hour, and steer the raging traffic and in the mean time inhaling tons of poisonous gasses, supporting hundreds of decibels but remaining cam under heavy stress. I tell you i couldn't do it.
  Or how about the situation where they are standing between two gangs fighting for their territory, armed just with the well known baton and a pepper spray? Could you do that and be then home just in time for dinner? No you couldn't. They are courageous people, with a great will to serve and protect, with an unbeatable wish to be present when they are needed in order to defend innocence or life itself. But they are just like me and you.
  Of course they are going to office at crazy hours, just when your kids managed to fall asleep after a good day of joy they are starting their shift, You see them in the middle of the night patrolling the streets in their old and outdated cars in order for you to be safe at home. They are putting their lives on the line helping you to drive safely on the bumpy roads of the country, they are present when a robbery took place in order to return the stolen property as quickly as possible.
  And now what will happen wit their lives? What they will do in order to keep coming to the streets and protect you? How they can protect when they leave home hungry because their credits and loans  took all of their paycheck? How they can jump and salvage somebody in distress when they cannot save even their own family? How they can continue to sit in the middle of the road either in freezing winter or hot summer days, filling their lungs with the gases your car dejects when they cannot even afford to go to a decent doctor anymore?
  I watched them protesting. Fewer than i thought they will be because many of them are thinking that if they come and protest into the open they will be fired. I sympathize with them, i am with them, i support them in their quest to fight for a decent life because, independent of the jobs we have, this is our day to day business here. We struggle for a decent life not for a better one, we fight for a living a little over poverty and we struggle to come back home alive and in some cases even smiling.
  I wrote this in their appreciation and i hope that they will gain a little more support from the "average Joe" like me, who is one of the beneficiaries of their services.I wrote this in the hope that another one just like me, will pickup from where i left this and spread the word about the struggle and the needs of these amazing guys and girls in blue costumes, watching over us.
  I saw a few of them when i made my trip to the office this morning. I couldn't tell if they were mad or angry or preoccupied by the protests or by their needs. They were at their jobs and they had to be there a hundred percent. Because they ultimately serve us.  

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