Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Politics looks like malicious software

  Sometimes, when i arrive back home and i look over the entire day that just passed, i am amazed by the quantity of bad political decisions i ingested over the day. From the new laws and regulations i see at the morning news, to the whispers of " bad days coming " distributed by mass mailing or cleverly dissimulated in political declarations ingested through the airwaves sent to my car radio. Every channel, newspaper, radio station, struggles to bring the latest breaking novelty gossip, fight, that happens o the political stage of this small country. Hazardous predictions, economical falls, famine, disease, unemployment, are all debated retracted, argued, commented over the every information channel possible, in order to attract our attention, and increase some ratings. As i know very well this kind of staging, i am convinced that what is now a gossip will be a reality, what now is presented as an achievement will be in fact a disaster hidden in glorious words.
  Everything like this distracts me and many others from the day to day struggle to live. Makes us react and become less interested in what we do, and become more disappointed about the life we are living. Just like a malicious piece of software, once present on the system, these kind of novelty takes control and diverts some of us to think of what bad news the next day will bring, or what will we do when this will strike? Instead of concentrating to create, build, manufacture, we are constantly trying to find ways to solve ways to beat the bad news delivered to us.
  Of course you will say, i can no longer watch the news, i can tune the car radio to a music station and i can avoid to read newspapers. Yes i can. But this will not take away the cruel reality of the breaking news, it will simply delay the time when the fact will reach my family, my pocket and my life. I can filter anything i want, i can shut myself out from the news stream but the reality will always come and byte me with a new "We cut your salary with 2% for something" rule.
  So because the bad politics and malicious software are similar in behavior, they spread the same through media channels, they affect the functionality of the system like their software counterparts, can i get a "Malicious Political Removal TOOL?" ? Maybe with the database updated to include the latest corruption malware, chair-stick detection and removal tools, evasionist and theft heuristic detection, phantom company detection and control,etc. It can be Oen Source but we can settle even for a commercial version. We will gladly pay for it in order to start living.       

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