Monday, June 6, 2011

We should be proud...

   Well, we should be... As long as "The most powerful Man on Earth" had awarded prizes to our smartest and brightest people...but i wonder where these guys were educated? I sincerely admire them if they could manage to get an education in schools where water pours from the ceiling in case of rain but they have brand new sports facilities, or in schools where in winter time, the same temperature from outside is in the classrooms but "luckily" these schools were just renovated with state of the art sanitation facilities. And on top of all things, how the hell these guys get educated when the teachers are hard to find, they actually left the country to work as nannies, cleaners,plumbers and other jobs fitted for a person with high education. You will say that they were educated according tho the new law of education with hundreds of "alternative manuals" from certified educational editors, actually obscure editors hired to conceive a mediocre manual just good enough to be published by a printing company owned of course by a government official or an acolyte of such a person.
  You will say that these guys and girls are hard workers. And you are right. They are. They struggled to be on top of a society that considers educated people as paria, because our leaders need manipulable masses intoxicated with poisonous commercials when elections begin, they do not need smart people unless they are "dirty" and they can also be manipulated at will. They probably learned complex mathematics at candlelight, thermodynamics and physics in freezing school conditions,just to be closer to reality i think, and language and literature in the time they were craving for a piece of bread to eat. Honestly, i thought Ceausescu-s time was over but what is happening today in the educational system of our beloved country is simply incomprehensible.
  And on top of everything, instead of fleeing to other more suitable countries for them to develop, grow and perform, they are coming back or stay here, living a poor life. In their dreams they see themselves as leaders, teachers, rulers and they crave for the opportunity to share their knowledge for the well being of their fellow countrymen. But, our political leaders are ruling again against these kind of dreamers. The new law of education is still in fierce debate and honestly it is incomplete and flaky in the most important parts of it, the payment for a honest educator is a few times lower than a paycheck of a school janitor from US, and the schools are still in horrible shape. And despite all of these horrible conditions, these people are still here and try to make a living from what they know. A hard life.
   So, as i said before, we should be proud of them. Because they are the best of breed from a poor country, a country that treats them like hell, a country that pays poor but ultimately a country they love and want to serve. And if the big guy from White House gives them a hand and congratulates them for their achievements along with other prestigious international figures, please be so kind and be proud of them. Because what they achieved is their own achievement and merit. Our leaders does not deserve even to be mentioned or seen or even take credit for this. The only merit of this country is that they were born here. They passed through hell on the road to glory and now they are coming back to hell. I am proud of them. you should be too...

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